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Cristina moved back into the dream house with Meredith, who understood she needed support after her friend's death. Cristina soon met up with Owen, who showed her what he could offer her salary-wise. She thanked him, but he told her she should thank Jeff Russell, the new head of cardio who really pushed to get her. He told her there was a meeting about the plane crash lawsuit. She had to be there now, because he wasn't acting as her proxy anymore. He gave her an orientation packet and formally welcomed her to the hospital. Cristina marked her return with some mean comments towards April and her way to treat the interns. She soon met up with Jeff, who simply told her to go and have fun, see patients.

He introduced her to his valve trial, allowing her to complete the procedure on her own on his patient of the day. She enthusiastically told him everything she knew about the procedure and confessed she had wanted to get in on the trial ever since she heard about it. After the procedure, she was completely impressed. He told her the results of phase 2 had been astounding and she asked when phase 3 would begin. That depended on her, he said. She thought he would allow her to do phase 3, but he told her it was his trial and that he didn't need another surgeon. What he needed from her was 12 million dollars to keep it going. She thought he was bringing her onto the trial, but understood he was only pitching her. He said it was nice to finally have someone on the board who got what he was doing.

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Since Derek left Meredith over her tampering with his trial, Cristina helped Meredith take care of Zola, of whom Meredith had been granted temporary custody. Cristina meanwhile tried to reach out to Owen, but he ignored her calls and walked away from her in the hospital every time she tried to tell him that she didn't get the abortion yet, as she didn't go through with it the first time. However, she was determined to have the abortion, with or without him, during her second appointment, which was that night. While Teddy came around and told Cristina she would start teaching her again, Cristina found out that Meredith had been fired by the hospital board, leading Cristina to start hating Alex and urging Meredith to find a way to fight the board's decision.

Even though he acknowledged her life had changed too and that he didn't know her anymore, he admitted she had become a magnificent surgeon and everything he dreamed she'd be, which moved her. He told her she should be in a place like this hospital and asked her to consider his offer again. That night on the phone, she told Meredith about the offer and that everything she ever wanted was in Zurich, except him being there.

Neither did she, but he pointed out they don't work because they'll always end up hurting each other because they want different things. That's what they've always known and nothing changed about it. During surgery with Bailey, Cristina advised Bailey to just put on her wedding dress and get married, just like she did with Owen. After surgery, Bailey noticed how Cristina cared about the interns, even having fought Bailey to teach you could try these out one, and how she cared enough about Bailey's wedding to give her good personal advice. She pointed out Cristina changed, even though Cristina didn't think so. This made her think about Owen saying nothing changed between them. She thought maybe she was the thing that changed, and she asked Meredith if she did. Meredith said she did, because she wanted Owen back. Owen came to the firehouse to talk, and just as she wanted to say she wanted to try again, he told her wanted a divorce.[15] Divorcing Owen

Cristina sat down and started staring in front of her while mourning the loss. She and Meredith eventually decided to go look for Derek, until he appeared with a bleeding hand.

Soft and warm, these eyes hold a sense of fire that lives in her soul. Boys instantly are attracted to her and very few can deny her. Personality and looks? It’s a package that makes guys come running. Although there are a lot of options, Christina has a specific taste in men. She loves the dark, funny, lost bad boys. If you don’t have that presence of crazy, Christina will just keep you as a friend. Some Christina’s are also empath’s. They have a high intuition that never leads them wrong. Christina knows more about you than you do as soon as she meets you. Christina can get easily hurt, don’t be fooled by the fire and her confidence. After all, she is human.

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During their argument over the matter, she yelled again she was saying no to a baby, leading him to kick her out of the firehouse. Cristina forcedly packed her stuff and moved in with Meredith.

They found out that they would need 175 million dollars on top of their own money, so they started looking for an invester. They assembled a packet to convince possible investers, but Cristina didn't believe a packet would convince someone to invest so much money. She was worried this wouldn't work, because Owen stopped calling and he would never speak to her again if this whole project failed. Meredith assured her Owen would be the happiest of all once they bought the hospital and the sneaking around could stop. Alex informed them the hospital was following apart after they quit, as a lot of staff members followed their example.

They don’t know how to master their skill set and are usually ones scrambling for money in which they will use any of their “skill sets” for

Cristina came back to Seattle to stand with Meredith at Derek's funeral and hold her hand. Alex later reached out to her when Meredith disappeared, but Cristina hadn't seen or heard from Meredith since.[39]

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